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CBM Exclusive: Three Inception Stars Are Competing for the Role of the Riddler In Batman 3

According to an inside source from Warner Bros, the stars of Christopher Nolan's latest movie Inception: Joseph Gordon-Levitt, Leonardo DiCaprio, and Tom Hardy are all competing for the role of The Riddler in Batman 3.

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JL4865d ago (Edited 4865d ago )

Quite honestly I don't think any of them would do ideally with the role. I don't know, just don't see it. DiCaprio is one of my favorite actors and one of the best I think of our generation. Gordon-Levitt is an excellent actor himself and I think one of the most underrated around. And while both are great, just think Riddler is a bit out of their comfort zone so to speak. Hardy I haven't really seen much of. I remember him from RocknRolla. But that's the only thing I can specifically remember him in. So can't really make a call on him. He doesn't look the part though at all. Of those three I guess I'd have to say I could see Joseph doing it the best, but he'd have to seriously have the performance of a lifetime in order to pull that off. I don't know, just don't see it. Could be wrong though.

Getting outside of that trio there: Depp is obviously a pretty go-to answer for this role. He's made for roles like this. And I think he would do a fine job. Just he'd have to cut down on some of the over-the-topish-ness. This darker Batman calls for people characters, not cartoonish characters. He would need to be more "real" like in Fear and Loathing and not just flat out over-the-top like in Alice or Wonka. But he could definitely do it. One that's popped up for me..Crispin Glover. Think of Willard mixed with some of the quirky/zaniness he can do. I could maybe see Adrien Brody doing it well. I think Giovanni Ribisi could possibly manage the role well too. This one might seem a lil out there, but think about it: Matthew Lillard. He's an intelligent enough guy. He portrays that in plenty of his films. He can be zany and quirky. He can also be a bit dark and brooding. And can play around with being psycho and "playful" at the same time (think Scream). Then under Nolan's tutelage and guidance he could really hone that in on an excellent character. I think he could definitely pull it off.

Of course Nolan is awesome, so I have complete faith in whoever he picks and know he'll guide them into being an excellent Riddler I'm sure.

Edit: ooh I just thought of one. Tim Roth. I think he could quite possibly pull it off very well.

JL4865d ago

Now, this part I had to write in a whole new reply cause it wasn't going to fit in the other.

Keeping on Riddler, honestly, in my opinion it's going to be a tough gig in order to top Jim Carrey. I might get ragged for this but he did an outstanding job of portraying the Riddler in an otherwise crappy movie. That being said, I wouldn't entirely be against him playing Riddler for Nolan. I know some of you will be like "he did good, but that's a whole different kind of Riddler he played". Sure he was very over-the-top colorful and "flamboyant" with his Riddler in that Batman. And no that would NOT fit the darker edgier take that Nolan is doing. But Carrey could definitely tone down that flamboyant side and definitely rework his Riddler to fit into Nolan's world. We know Carrey can be dark and somber. Just look at Eternal Sunshine. He's got it in him to do it. He'd just have to put less "The Mask" into it and put more Number 23 into it.

RockmanII74865d ago

If true, I think Joseph Gordon-Levitt will end up getting the part.


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