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Aguilera's 'Burlesque' Trailer Doesn't Show Much Promise

Singer Christina Aguilera takes her shot on the big screen. ‘Burlesque’ is a film about a small town girl who tries to make it big in LA. It looks like this movie has everything but success written all over it.

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jarodwarren4353d ago

I feel like I just watched an intro to a music video. Yeah, not much here. But the costumes and sets were nice.

barboza4352d ago

Sounds like Coyote Ugly meets Christina Aguilera.

darklordzor4352d ago

I think I feel comfortable saying that I'm going to pass on this movie. I don't think she'll do a very good job, but then again some singers have surprised us before.

CMDobson4352d ago

Music video is precisely what came to my mind.. Eh maybe I'll get bored and watch it. You never know!