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'Breaking Bad' Won't Be Back Until 2011: Plans For Mini-Episodes on AMC Website


Emmy-nominated AMC/Sony TV drama Breaking Bad won’t premiere fresh episodes for its fourth season until July 2011. That's more than a full year after the conclusion of Season Three last June. As a result, the show won't be eligible for a third best drama series Emmy nomination next year. That also affects lead actor Bryan Cranston, who received his third consecutive Emmy nomination last month. (He won 2 years running, and might three-peat on August 28). To bridge the 13-month gap between seasons, the plan is to produce short interstitial mini-episodes of 3-to-4 minutes apiece early next year after the show goes back in production in January. They'll be posted on AMC’s website.

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jarodwarren4352d ago

Bummer. Tis a fantastic and intelligent show. Blows shows like Weeds out of the water and is comparable to House with drama and brains. Let's hope the mini-episodes don't suck the energy out of the whole shebang.