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Five Things Joss Whedon Will Bring To The Avengers

Flicksided: Guess what fanboys and fangirls? Joss Whedon is directing The Avengers. Unless you’ve been trapped in a nebula for the last six months you already knew that, but Marvel decided to make the worst kept secret in La-La Land “official” during Comic-Con this past weekend.

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Disney Reveals Why Moana Sequel Series Was Turned Into Theatrical Film

Moana 2 began life as a nearly-completed Disney+ TV series before Disney CEO Bob Iger turned it into a full-fledged theatrical sequel.


The Untold Truth Of The Road House Remake

Some 35 years after the original "Road House" became a cult classic, a long-awaited remake has taken more than a decade to punch its way to the screen.


8 Good Superhero Origin Stories to Wash Out the Taste of ‘Madame Web’

Madame Web caught everyone in her web, all right. So, let's forget that nightmare and focus on good superhero stories.

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