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Nicolas Cage's Abrupt Departure Leaves Millennium Drama 'Trespass' In Lurch

The Sorcerer’s Apprentice star Nicolas Cage has pulled a disappearing act on Trespass, the Millennium Films drama that is just two weeks away from an August production start in Louisiana.

I’m told that Cage abruptly backed out of the film late last week and then left on vacation—apparently to the Bahamas. Will he change his mind? Was he just burnt out after working non-stop and then completing a global junket for Sorcerer’s Apprentice? I’m told nobody can reach him to find out. At the moment, Avi Lerner, who picked up the project after Overture Films dropped it, doesn’t know whether or not he has a movie.

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barboza4354d ago

You never can tell with Cage. Throw Gerard Butler in and call it a day.

amsdesignphoto4354d ago

I have my own personal reasons why I'm all for Butler... outside of being a great actor, he's easy on the eyes. Bring him! :)

darklordzor4354d ago

You know with as much as Cage has been in lately, maybe he just wanted a break? Who knows, but I think I'll throw in my vote for Butler as well.

CMDobson4354d ago

Yeah I can't blame him for being tired and burnt out. He just cut it awfully close. And I'm all for Butler. I'm with April. He's HAWT! haha.

jarodwarren4352d ago

Not a time in one's career to be making such harsh decisions. However, I've always heard that Cage was a consummate professional so it may have been for extreme personal reasons, clashing with a director/producer/co-star, likewise. Or he may have been put off due to other dramas and bounced out at the last minute seeing a train wreck in the future.