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NonsenseFilm Blu-Ray Review: I Love You Phillip Morris

Andrew Jones from NonsenseFilm writes:

'Last year’s Cannes was the last big Cannes, with films worthy of caring about, one of these films was a Jim Carrey comedy where Carrey plays a homosexual man living a lie, who finally breaks free and becomes who he really is. Except that costs a fair bit more than he expected. Turning to conning people out of money, I Love You Phillip Morris gives us an anti-hero to root for, a character who is sweet, funny and entertaining to watch, and that you truly care about.

Perhaps the fact that I Love You Phillip Morris on the surface seems to be mostly about how gay a man can be, a rather strong sex scene early on, according to everyone, seems to be what has continued to hinder the film’s US release (Although the Cannes trailer has some of it anyway) inside is a sweet and interesting comedy come drama that makes the audience laugh and cry, and think.'

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