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Hollywood Monsters Exposed

Follow us at TheMoviePool to uncover 12 much sought after faces behind our favorite Hollywood aliens. These actors have successfully launched the creatures’ fame. Check out who made them so desirable.

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barboza4437d ago

This is a great list. It's easy to forget what brings these characters to life.

amsdesignphoto4437d ago

It was really awesome to see that the man who played Chewbacca lives miles down the road from me. You always learn something every day.

It makes me wonder how successful some of these characters would've been if anyone else had been playing them.

CMDobson4437d ago

Great list! I like it. :)

darklordzor4437d ago

I love articles like these. Someone needs to point out the lesser known people who bring these creatures to life. Truly without them, many films wouldn't have been as successful.

amsdesignphoto4436d ago

Chewbacca may not have been Chewbacca! I was never a big Star Wars fan but the one character (outside of R2D2) that I loved was Chewie. I watched it strictly to watch him in the movie. I almost want to relive those days as a child haha.