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Shock Till You Drop Interview: Let Me In Director Matt Reeves


Matt Reeves wants to make sure you know that what he is doing with Let Me In is not Hollywood-izing or remaking the original but bringing a new film with similar elements that you've seen before. Thus, when he decided to slightly change the title from the original's Let the Right One In, it was a way to differentiate it slightly, but to also say, yes, we are also doing something that you will find familiar.

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The Batman: Movie Review - 9 to 5 Gamers

The Batman sees Matt Reeves craft a compelling version of both the titutal Bat and Gotham city with a wealth of supporting characters both good and evil.

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'The Batman' Fans Are Loving Matt Reeves' Commentary Track

Matt Reeves' commentary track for 'The Batman' is revealing a ton of interesting trivia about the movie and its hidden themes.

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Director Likens The Batman to a Horror Movie

The Batman arrives in UK cinemas today, and according to director Matt Reeves has more in common with horror movies than past Batman films.