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FilmCritic Review: The Extra Man

Film Critic:

The Extra Man, the third narrative feature by Robert Pulcini and Shari Springer Berman, returns the directing/writing duo to the fringes, a place where they seemed quite comfortable gauging from their breakout hit, American Splendor. The characters that Pulcini and Berman follow for much of their newest film, based on Jonathan Ames' novel which he adapted along with the directors, are not actual people like Harvey Pekar, the late comics writer and music critic that was the focus of Splendor, but I hardly doubt a trip to the Bowery wouldn't scare up some close approximations. These protagonists, if we're using that word, of The Extra Man are unique and often surprisingly perverse, which is certainly more than can be said about anything in Pulcini and Berman's last film, the dreadful Nanny Diaries.

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