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IGN's 10 Worst TV-to-Film Adaptations

Chester Bateman from IGN writes:

Hey, children of yesteryear. Hollywood here. Remember that TV show you loved from your past? That's right, the one you only dare look at through rose-tinted glasses? Have we got an idea for a blockbuster movie! Here's our plan. We're going to port your favourite TV characters from the small-screen... to the big! Naturally we'll recast with flat, talentless stars, and sure, that'll mean the character nuance and chemistry will all but vanish, but we've thought of that. Do you like money? Because we're throwing hundreds of zeroes at this baby! Pointless action sequences! Needless special effects! It's all here! Rest assured, we will totally miss the point - and if possible, ruin your enjoyment of the original! Enjoy!

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Ru4353d ago (Edited 4353d ago )


I liked some of these adaptations more than or just as much as the original TV shows.
For Example: Bewitched.
Im old enough to have watched the show on nick at night and I believe while they may not have stayed 100% true to the tv show they didnt turn out a piece of crap.