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JPP: The Super Hero Squad Show Volume 1 Review

JPP: This over-the-top, wacky series, which airs on Cartoon Network, is anything but a traditional comic spin-off. Everything, from the animation style to the usual brooding heroes and villains were thrown out the window to give viewers an idea of what those famous 2-inch Hasbro Marvel figurines would do...given they had the same opportunities as their more aesthetically pleasing counterparts.

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BTS' V and Actor Yoo Seung-ho to Showcase Their Gaming Skills | Leisurebyte

Want to know when the Running Man Special Episode is releasing? Check this out for the details!

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The Garfield Movie Resumes Production Chris Pratt Reveals

The upcoming Garfield Movie resumes production Chris Pratt reveals in a behind-the-scenes Instagram post this week.


Tron: Ares To Resume Production Soon

After being put on hold due to the SAG-AFTRAQ strike, Tron: Ares is to resume production after the holidays.