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10 Film Franchises That Need a Reboot (Part 1)

Every year reboots of classic (and even not so classic) films are released in theaters. On the whole most of them aren't worth the effort. However, TheMoviePool counts down the film franchises that actually need a reboot.

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amsdesignphoto4871d ago

I am a huge fan of the Turtles. It would take a master genius to pull it off like the 80s version. I am highly critical of these "reboots" especially if I fell in love with the originals. The "cowabunga" is what makes the Turtles classic. Of course, it can be updated in a newer version but could anyone tackle it? Keep the same fun-action levels. I can't think of any decently good comedy/action films that I have seen recently. It's been focused on the hottest and greatest technology and almost sours my theater experience. Good example was "Clash of the Titans." I'd choose the original without a doubt. Give me substance any day. Maybe the ideal scenarios might come to pass and any reboots in the future will do justice to the originals. I hope.

darklordzor4871d ago

Turtles are awesome and I think their attempt at modernizing in TMNT and the newest cartoon show. Honestly nostalgia really works for these films.

barboza4871d ago

This is a great list! I would love to see another "Vacation" movie that captured what some of the old flicks did. As for TMNT the kid in me would love to see this but I'm sure it would be strewn with Facebook and Youtube references in an attempt to modernize it. Maybe even throw in a little rap for good measure as they ruin the film.

Mathew Vaughn on TMNT would be amazing though. Of course the turtles would probably kill people in his version.

darklordzor4871d ago

I totally agree with this list so far, even Daredevil. I really wanted something good to happen with that film, but it ended up so disappointing. I would love something better done with that property.

CMDobson4871d ago

I'm for the Turtles all the way..if there is a director who can recapture the essence of the original but make it work for this decade. I loved the Turtles as a kid.

polarbear4870d ago (Edited 4870d ago )

I really couldn't see these movies being redone with the same magic that captured us way back when. The fads today would really ruin them just so that they'll be hip and with it.
If there are people who could do them correctly, I'd really love to see these rebooted.


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