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FilmCritic Review: Dinner for Schmucks


Steve Carell is so good in Dinner for Schmucks, so completely in sync with what director Jay Roach has planned for this reinterpretation of the French film Le diner de cons (The Dinner Game), that he single-handedly saves the movie from its many failings. And there are indeed quite a few: There's a rather uninteresting lead in the otherwise affable Paul Rudd, a psychotic ex-girlfriend (Lucy Punch) who seems lifted from a completely different film, a shady sleazoid artist (Jermaine Clement) who suffers from "a little goes a long way" syndrome, and a haughty fiance (Stephanie Szostak) who elicits no sympathy whatsoever. Not the best formula for a bit of summer funny business, right? Yet Carell is so special, and Roach handles his goofball character Barry so well, we ignore the lesser elements and celebrate how brilliant this proposed "idiot" really is.

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