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Sasha Grey Eyes Role in 'I Melt With You'


Sasha Grey, the adult-film star who toplined Steven Soderbergh's "The Girlfriend Experience," is in negotiations to join the cast of "I Melt With You," the low-budget drama being directed by Mark Pellington.

Grey, along with Zander Eckhouse, Abhi Sinha and Arielle Kebbel, are joining Thomas Jane, Rob Lowe and Jeremy Piven in the drama, which Pellington wrote with Glen Porter.

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Ru4358d ago

Porn Star gone B Movie Star?
Intresting I wonder how it will turn out?

Trailer for the film, which Pellington put on Viemo at the ALT source!

TwistedMetal4357d ago

I mean I seen her vids and Id be picturing her getting done from behind with spit and slobber everywhere and her screaming swear words and things.

Once you are a porn star thats it.. Your a whore your whole life and people will never get the picture of your sex vids out of there head when talking to you. They will just be like i wonder what she was thinking in that xxx movie with the 2 guys.