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Ghostface is Back on the Set of 'Scream 4'

While filming on the set of 'Scream 4' director Wes Craven has been tweeting pictures from the production. Fans got a special treat earlier today when he posted the first look at the return of Ghostface.

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barboza4358d ago

The first 'Scream' film was great. It really brought something to the table. The rest of the trilogy was just the same old formula with a big Whodunnit at the end. I can't see how part IV will be any good. There really isn't any twist they can take that won't seem like a desperate attempt to fool the audience. To Craven's credit at least this is a sequel and not a "reboot".

darklordzor4358d ago

Yeah I worry about it too. The sequels were too formulaic, but the first one still stands out in my mind. I'm hoping Wes Craven can really pull off something great though.

amsdesignphoto4358d ago

To me it's like all the shark movies..vampire destinations..saws. Someone needs to be kind and tell them to QUIT. They all end up blending together; another reason to stop the madness. Or maybe it's early morning talking..hmm who knows

CMDobson4358d ago

I loved the first one.. I love Wes Craven. I just don't see the point of another film. It won't stop me from seeing it, though. ;)

Ru4358d ago

who do you think Ghost Face will be this time? Perhaps Billy's Grandma?

darklordzor4358d ago

Who knows, they have run out of the most logical people to have been behind the mask. It's kind of up in the air now. Maybe it's David Arquette.

barboza4357d ago

Seems like a pretty logical direction. Old Dewey get's tired of the married life and decides to spice things up by becoming the Ghostface Killa!

jarodwarren4352d ago

I'm very curious as to how the rules adapt to handle a franchise now that it has broken past the trilogy rules. Interesting.