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'Fantastic 4' Reboot Gets a New Name and a New Thing

Rumors have been kicking around about whether or not the Thing would be a practical suit or a CGI character in the upcoming Fantastic 4 reboot. Finally confirmation has been given on the rumors along with the new official title of the film.

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barboza4356d ago

A reboot already? This is getting insulting, I mean seriously the dust hasn't even settled with the last films. Hopefully they won't get another Hispanic chick to dye her hair and wear blue contacts.

GodsHand4356d ago

To play The Thing, I think not, but who knows.

barboza4356d ago

Ha. Not quite what I meant but you're right - you never know.

darklordzor4356d ago

I just don't like this. The other movies aren't that old (like barboza pointed out) and there are too many comic book films right now. Don't get me wrong, I love the genre but it's starting to flood the industry.

JL4356d ago

It's about as bad as vampires flooding the market right now huh? Now we just need a reboot of Blade featuring Will Smith as Blade and we'll really get the box office popping. Got Will, Comic Book movie AND Vampires all in the same place. And if we're lucky it can lead to a spinoff or rather a prequel of Blade as a kid in which Will Smith will license to produce the movie as his son takes lead role lol. God I hope I'm not giving them ideas right now.

Seriously though, a reboot on this franchise makes even less sense than rebooting Spider-man right now, and I'm not at all in favor of that one either. Just too soon. At least they're not doing a stupid suit this time.

amsdesignphoto4356d ago

Well if we see a film like that pop up.. we know where they captured the idea :)

CMDobson4356d ago

Yes I would say it's a little soon for a Fantastic 4 reboot..but eh what do I know?