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Michael Bay Takes On Newcomers Low-Budget Alien Flick talks about Michael Bay producing newcomer Robert Glickert's new low budget alien abduction movie.

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darklordzor4359d ago

Maybe it's a good thing for Bay to take a step back and do a smaller flick. Maybe tone down and get back to story and characters as opposed to massive action scenes.

mediafrenzii4359d ago

It will be great to see how this turns out. Hope it doesn't get too injected with too much of a Paranormal Activity type of feel.

CMDobson4359d ago

Agreed. Every big film person should take the opportunity to get back to grass roots filming at some point.

jarodwarren4352d ago

It's nice to see blockbuster directors taking a step back away from the shine of massive movie hits and tackling something a bit more challenging (from a perspective of less money). Should be interesting, but I will lay down a month's pay that we get an explosion or two despite the lower cost of the film.