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ComingSoon: On the Set of Lottery Ticket


At the Lakewood Stages in Atlanta, Georgia we are inside of a house on a sunny day, or at least you would think that until you looked up and saw the entire ceiling was made up of lighting rigs, and that "sunlight" is a few very powerful lights blasting through the windows. When it is done well this is the kind of illusion that is always disorienting, no matter how many film sets you've been on... well, and the fact that all the furniture is covered in plastic to protect continuity.

This particular set is for Warner Bros. new urban comedy Lottery Ticket, directed by music video auteur Erik White and starring rapper-turned-actor Bow Wow (born Shad Moss) who has made himself a marquee name in pictures like Roll Bounce and the third "Fast and Furious" installment, "Tokyo Drift."

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