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TheMoviePool Review: Why Inception is what Shutter Island should have been takes a close look at the top two psychological thrillers of the year and explains why Inception has blown Shutter Island out of the water.

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darklordzor4358d ago

Wow, what an interesting take on both of those films (and it's just kind of funny that they both star DiCaprio). I wasn't totally disappointed in Shutter Island, but the book is far better than the adaptation tried to be.

TheCritic284358d ago

When you think about it, both films are so alike. I would go deeper into it, but spoilers and all :)

mediafrenzii4358d ago

Inception seems to have captured the same feeling Nolan did with Memento, X10 of course.

CMDobson4358d ago

I actually liked Shutter Island, but I'm sure the book is better.. That's usually the case. I haven't seen Inception yet, but hopefully soon.

barboza4358d ago

I liked Shutter Island too. I'm sure you can't tell from the article but I'm a huge fan of Scorsese and was looking forward to that movie for over a year. It didn't live up to the expectations I had for it but that could be my fault too.

jarodwarren4350d ago

Interestingly enough, I enjoyed Shutter Island more than Inception simply for the character drama. While both films were excellent, I have to say that SI played more to the mind and emotion than Inception, where the effects and action took center stage.