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First Look At The New Godzilla? takes a look at an image that may just be a glimpse at the design for the next Godzilla. Legendary Pictures released this at ComicCon, and although they are developing a Godzilla project they've denied that this is the final design.

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mediafrenzii4362d ago

This seems like it would be a great way to get audience feedback without worrying about backlash.

amsdesignphoto4362d ago

I wonder if it's true. Could agree with the entire drawing in interest and gossip...

darklordzor4361d ago

I think I'm one of the few people who really liked the Godzilla redesign for the 1998 film. But I like this concept and whether or not the final monster will look like this...who knows. Things change all the time in filmmaking and this might even be something they made for a promotional tie-in for the film (comic, toys, etc.)

Speedy1804360d ago

....If u watch Godzilla V.s Megagerues they mention that in 1998 America Thought they where attacked by Godzilla but it turned out to be a monster named "Zilla". In Fact in the last Godzilla movie, Godzilla Final Wars, Godzilla ..."Fights"....Zilla and the fight last about 3 seconds.....XD

barboza4360d ago

I took a quick look into that whole Zilla thing and I have to admit I had absolutely no idea there was that much backlash from hardcore fans over the '98 design.

CMDobson4361d ago

I liked the previous Godzilla design, too, but a darker version could be interesting.

Speedy1804360d ago

I kinda think the 2000 Godzilla was a more Darker version.

jarodwarren4353d ago

Hmmmm...concept art rarely turns out the way it looks. Let's hope they get close and as far away from the Broderick Godzilla as possible.