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'Green Lantern' character posters are what the fans need

After receiving a surprising amount of negative feedback on the recent reveal of Green Lantern's costume, the filmmakers have released four character posters that are sure to appease fans. Reciting part of the Green Lantern mantra they also gives fans the first look at Sinestro.

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amsdesignphoto4395d ago

I do say I like these posters. The simplicity is quite nice. Nothing overdone.

barboza4395d ago

I thought the costume looked good but I've never been that much into this particular character so I'm not vested either way. Peter Sarsgaard is going to make this movie.

darklordzor4395d ago

I can't wait for this film. Well, really I can't wait to finally see some footage. I would imagine seeing all of these things in action would help to change fans' minds. Very nice posters though!

jarodwarren4387d ago

I just can't get behind Green Lantern. While I have no problem with Chris Evans donning the "4" as Johnny Storm and the stars and stripes as Cap, I take issue with Reynolds portraying the "Merc with a Mouth" and a member of the GL Corp. I'm a hardcore Marvel fan with only slight interests in DC comics (save for Batman) and the two shouldn't mix in anyway unless it's intentional and made for the laughs (like the JLA/Avengers trade). I guess we'll see, but I'm catching this one on DVD most likely. Good posters though I have to say.