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Drive Angry 3D – Just Because It’s Here, Doesn’t Mean It’s Wanted

ScreenCrave: For those of you who have never been to Hall H at Comic-Con before, it’s THE place to have your film presented for the first time. It’s where Iron Man, Avatar, Tron and all premiered their first ever footage and got enough buzz created that it lead to box office records. Normally you have to get in line by 6am if you even want a chance to enter. If anything like Twilight or Harry Potter is going on, you better be willing to camp for at least 24 hours in line to have a chance of the back row of the 7,000 person theater.

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The Holdovers Review - Adventure, Calamity, and Family | Everyone Gaming

Academy Award-winning director Alexander Payne stands out as one of my favourite directors who captures the pain, family struggle, friendship, and life itself in a unique but powerful and compelling way, The Holdovers is no different

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2023 Emmy Awards: The Complete Winners List

The biggest night of the year dedicated to television, The Emmys, made it's long awaited return this month. Several popular shows enjoyed several nominations such as Succession, Better Call Saul and The Last of Us


Kanye West has teeth removed and replaced with Titanium dentures

Kanye West amidst another album drop fiasco is making the news again. This time not for any antisemitic remarks but for having his teeth replaced by lavish titanium dentures.