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Meet the Princess Leia of your dreams with Star Wars speed dating

LucasFilm has come to the rescue of lonely Star Wars fans in organizing a unique Star Wars speed dating event at Celebration V. It'll give single fans a chance to meet their potential soulmate from a galaxy far far away.

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darklordzor4359d ago

Even though I'm married I would still want to go to see what it was like. I wonder if they'll have regular music or if it'll all be Star Wars music? Because I can't think of many star wars songs as being romantic.

amsdesignphoto4359d ago

I am cracking up at this. I'd almost want to go just to be a spectator.

CMDobson4359d ago

Wow, Lucasfilm has sure thought of everything...Now they're trying to get their fans to breed so they can create even more fans. Genius!