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'It's a Trap!' to be the last Family Guy Star Wars spoof

At the Family Guy Comic-Con panel, the creators of the show confirm the title for the third Star Wars parody as well as announce that it will be the final one. Sorry no prequels here.

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amsdesignphoto4961d ago

I love Family Guy. I'm excited for this. It's sad to see there won't be anymore. Hope they rock this one which I am sure they will without a doubt.

barboza4961d ago

I haven't seen any of the Family Guy 'Star Wars' spoofs yet but I'm looking forward to getting caught up. Family Guy is hilarious.

darklordzor4961d ago

What?! I can't believe that. My heart actually hurts at that statement. The first two are something I know you will love.

CMDobson4961d ago

Well it looks like I have catching up to do as well. Don't have a heart attack over this statement. lol.

jarodwarren4951d ago

Nothing beats these, even though the Robot Chicken ones come close. Brilliance! Can't wait.


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