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Playeraffinity: Leverage -The Studio Job (Review)

For a reasonably successful show now in its third season, Leverage has never quite figured out exactly what tone it’s going for. Is it a Mission: Impossible-esque show about a team of spies and thieves pulling off elaborate and perfectly executed heists? Is it a campier show, more in the vein of Charlie’s Angels, full of ridiculous costumes and so-obviously-phony-as-to-be enjoyable accents? Or is it a heart-felt drama about a group of Robin Hoods providing help to the helpless and bettering the lives of those around them?

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Strong Girl Nam-soon Episode 15 Recap and Review | Leisurebyte

Strong Girl Nam-soon Episode 15 disappoints in so many ways. Read our review to know more.

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My Demon Episode 3 Preview: When, Where and How to Watch!

My Demon Episode 3 Preview: Excited about episode 3 of My Demon? Find out when and how you can watch it.

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Castaway Diva Episode 9 Recap and Review | Leisurebyte

Castaway Diva Episode 9 Review brings Mok-ha's determination out from within as she is ready to make things right! Read on.

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