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Reasons Inception was unrealistic

This is a movie about people who create elaborate dream-mazes for the expressed purpose of stealing secrets from people’s minds while they’re asleep, then wake themselves up via elaborate Rube Goldberg machines designed to dunk them in ice water. How could it be more realistic? The Kartel shows us how.

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derkasan4444d ago

There's such a thing as making a movie too complex. I guess when you're dealing with dreams, an unrealistic scenario was bound to happen.

kghapa4444d ago

But I found it a lot easier when I wrote down notes DURING the movies on each individual dream. I might be weird, but I understood the story a lot better that way

almehdaaol4444d ago

You took a notepad with you in the theater? How could you see?

Jokeness aside, this article is sarcastic. Based on how many Batman characters were in there, surprised we didn't see the Dark Knight himself haha.

GodsHand4442d ago

I have yet to see the movie, but just from the previews, it looks good. In one preview a guy say dream bigger, and pulls out a bigger gun, so with that abilty you know they have some control over the dreamscape. The things this guy was saying would not apply because the people who are manipulating the dream have control, so just for the hell of it there could be nude girls running around, or make Freedy take a back seat. Kind of like the matrix, where once they were aware what was going on they could manipulate the enviorment around them.