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First image of 'Captain America' costume from SDCC

After plenty of drawings and speculation, fans at Comic-Con got the chance to see the first glimpse of Chris Evans as Captain America.

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amsdesignphoto4406d ago

wish there was more clarity to the picture. We'll see how this pans out.

TheCritic284406d ago

The film certainly shows promise. It's the presence of director Joe Johnson that scares me.

darklordzor4406d ago

Absolutely! I used to really love Johnston and the films he created, but lately he seems like he's lost his touch. That doesn't mean he can't pull it off, but I'm not as sure of it as I was the other Marvel movies.

barboza4405d ago

I'm going to watch 'Avengers' and 'Captain America' because I'm already invested in what Marvel has done this far but I really hope Hollywood scales down all of these comic-based movies. It's a little overwhelming.

darklordzor4405d ago

Yeah I'm with you there. Now that they've figured out how to make them successful, we're getting overloaded with them.

CMDobson4405d ago

I agree they have overloaded us with comic movies, but I will still see them. I enjoy them.