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'Gears of War' movie is hitting restart

At Comic-Con game designer Cliff Bleszinski spoke briefly on the big screen adaptation and confirms they're going back to the beginning and re-working the script for a smaller budget.

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Jallen4364d ago

Lack of money would mean the film would be less reliant on large set pieces and mindless action. Perhaps focusing on story and characterisation.

Then again wasn't the movie of Doom on a budget as well?

darklordzor4364d ago

Yeah, my hopes aren't high for this film, but I still think they could do well. But like you said, focusing on story and the characters would be pivotal.

Doom was just awful for many reasons.

CMDobson4362d ago

Oh my just had to bring up that terrible movie. lol.

barboza4364d ago

Nerdgasm 2010 would be a hit. Not too sure if this movie will.