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Bruce Campbell starring in 'Burn Notice' movie prequel

Fans of both 'Burn Notice' and Bruce Campbell have much to celebrate. At SDCC USA executives announced that a Burn Notice prequel movie is in the works and will focus and star Bruce Campbell.

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barboza4408d ago

I've caught a few episodes and it's not bad at all. I'm glad to hear it's a TV movie though.

darklordzor4406d ago

Yeah I don't think this would ever actually work on the big screen. Some things just work better as a TV movie.

josephgomez4408d ago

Meh...I could live without this, but I love Bruce Campbell.

CMDobson4407d ago

I think it will be cool to watch. I like Bruce Campbell. Not something spectacular, though.

darklordzor4407d ago

Oh man, I love Bruce Campbell! His 'My Name is Bruce' was a great movie (another B movie, but still fun) and I just love following the guy. He's got a great sense of humor and a surprising wit about him. I still quote him from his role of Ash in Evil Dead. I'm glad to see he's starting to get a little more spotlight on him now.