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Nerds rejoice! Joss Whedon is confirmed for 'The Avengers'

After plenty of speculation and rumor, Joss Whedon has confirmed at SDCC what fans have been waiting to hear: he will direct 'The Avengers'.

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CMDobson4365d ago

Sweet! Looking forward to it.

darklordzor4365d ago

Wow! This has just taken my hype for this film up to an entirely different level. Maybe now I can sleep easier at night knowing this is in the best hands possible now.

barboza4365d ago

This is great news for the movie, any word on the Hulk yet?

darklordzor4365d ago

Hmmm...I still havent heard any official announcements on it but there's still plenty of convention left to go this weekend. Who knows they may still have a surprise or two in store. My bet, though, is they couldn't get a deal worked out in time for the Expo like they wanted.