Arrow In the Head Exclusive: Two Drive Angry 3D pictures - Yup, one of them is Amber Heard

Arrow In the Head:

I guess its DRIVE ANGRY 3D week here on Arrow in the Head. First we brought ya on set and showed ya some fly concept art HERE, interviewed its star Nicolas Cage HERE and have more cast and crew interviews to come to boot! Today we got TWO EXCLUSIVE PICS from the flick to show ya. One of them is AMBER HEARD doing her best MEGAN FOX impression (above) and the other is one of BILLY BURKE looking mucho devil-ish (below). Check them and CLICK EM to see LARGER versions! Written and directed by PATRICK LUSSIER (great man TODD FARMER also co wrote), DRIVE ANGRY 3D will be released in the U.S. via Summit Entertainment on February 11, 2011. The film is not yet rated. Tap the official synopsis below in case you missed it.

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