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New details for the Syfy movie adaptation of 'Red Faction'

Details for the made for TV movie adaptation of the popular videogame franchise, 'Red Faction', have been very scarce. Via a press release THQ vice President Danny Bilson has spilled new details on the movie, including where in the timeline it will take place.

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CMDobson4878d ago

Oh my goodness.. My boyfriend should love this one. ;)

darklordzor4878d ago

I just really hope it doesn't suck. I love the game and play it regularly, but I don't have any trust in Syfy anymore. Maybe if they work as closely with the game makers as they have been this could turn out ok.

barboza4878d ago

I caught a movie on Syfy the other night and it was terrible. I don't see what would possess them to go in that direction.


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