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DVD Talk Review: The Runaways

DVD Talk:

The Queens of Noise aren't handed a fair deal with "The Runaways," which trivializes much of the struggle, rebellion, and notoriety the band encouraged over the course of two years (the film doesn't step past Currie's 1977 resignation). The picture layers on the gloss, taking an aggravating stance of interpretation over reflection, allowing for a broad artistic license that doesn't return much substance. "Edgeplay," the 2004 documentary on the band, is unforgivably sloppy, but it plunges further into the sickness and the triumph (without Jett's participation), creating a startling portrait of a female band daring to make a ruckus in a man's world. "The Runaways" doesn't show the same respect, using the legacy of the group purely as a facade to rummage around moldy bio-pic bad habits. It's all warped surface, blunted character estimation, and woeful direction.


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