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DVD Talk Review: The Repo Men

DVD Talk:

This decent-looking but tonally maddening and scattershot sci-fi thriller wastes a good cast and a good premise. Genre fanatics will want to check it out and may even be mildly entertained; everyone else will just want to rent it.


Tron: Ares To Resume Production Soon

After being put on hold due to the SAG-AFTRAQ strike, Tron: Ares is to resume production after the holidays.


Dakota Johnson Stars in Spider-Man Spin-Offs Madame Web Trailer

The new Madame Web trailer delivers another Spider-Man spin-off due in 2024, starring Dakota Johnson and Sydney Sweeney.


Netflix December 2023 Line-Up: Chicken Run, Yu Yu Hakusho & Spider-Man Headline

Netflix has revealed the highlights of their December 2023 line-up, with chickens, yukai and Spider-Men taking the front page.