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The Myth, The Man, The Legend, Steve Urkel – Interview with Jaleel White

Nerd Reactor: For many kids growing up in the 90′s, Jaleel White was a pivotal actor on American Television. For years he came into your living room, on the hit sitcom Family Matters, as the iconic, lovable, and hopeless nerd Steve Urkel. 12 years later, Jaleel has since been seen in hit shows like Boston Legal, Psych, and the movie Dreamgirls. Now the 33 year old actor/writer is producing his own web-series, Fake It Til You Make It. Jaleel White stars as a former child star turned Hollywood hustlin’ image consultant Reggie Culkin. We got a chance to sit down with Jaleel and talk about his web-series and the role that made him famous.

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