Who will be the villain in Batman 3? (filmtwats)

Batman Begins and The Dark Knight are hands down the best comic movies out there and after reading all these damn rumours on which character is going to be the next villain and who will be playing him, decided to make their own list of the possible villains and who they would like to see in the role............

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GodsHand3952d ago

Totaly, but of course she could not be the main villian, or can she...

Boggles3952d ago

I think that would be a really gud choice, a character that's not been seen on the big screen - and Nolan coud make it awesome!

miasma3951d ago

I'd love to see what Nolan could do with that.

morgle3952d ago

I'd love it, if Nolan actually had the balls to include Killer croc!

RockmanII73951d ago

Victor Zsasz and Black Mask, though Riddler or Bane (If done correctly) could be great too.

BlackTar1873951d ago

Victor Zsasz and Black Mask. Riddler would be goo dif they kept him to the comic script.
bane is a little powerful and kinda ridiculous for live action IMHO.

I would like to see HUSH but Two Face would be good cuz i dont believe he died since harvey Dent is a great charcter.

One of my favorite characters is the mad hatter i don't know why

morgle3951d ago

Hush is an exellent idea!!

VasiliasNtaHs3950d ago

I think that Joseph Gordon Levitt has a remarkable physical resemblance to Heath Ledger. Maybe Nolan could use him to bring the Joker back in the 3rd installment for a smaller maybe role in the movie. Nolan already collaborated with him in Inception. What do you think?

Boggles3950d ago

I'd be really surprised if Nolan went down that route, I'm pretty sure he has confirmed the Joker character will not appear in it. On the rumours bouncing round about Levitt playing the Riddler, I think it would be a bad idea mainly becuase of the similarities between the actors you mentioned about. It would be like covering old ground. I think Nolan will surprise us all...

VasiliasNtaHs3950d ago

I personally wouldn't mind a little more Joker and besides, they left the character alive at the end of the Dark Knight so the possibility is there. But whatever they come up with i'm sure Nolan and co will blow us away!

Boggles3950d ago

You're right of course, Nolan is a legend!