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The Zombie Apocalypse: Interview With Judy O’Dea

We here at SFG are happy to present the next interview from The School of Survival. Judy O’Dea is the Head of Research and Development at the school and it’s Science Expert. By bringing you this interview, SFG is bringing you, our wonderful readers, one step closer to surviving The Zombie Apocalypse.

SFG: Would you please explain how you became involved with The School of Survival and what led to your being chosen by Dr. Dale as the Head of his Research and Deveopment team?

Judy O’Dea: I first met the good doctor many years ago and was astonished and humbled by his wisdom. I set to work studying at the finest universities in the world from Guatemala to Mozambique to learn everything I could about zombology. I was chosen as had of the R&D team as I have the highest IQ of the group (except for Dr Dale) at a whopping 72 points.

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