Boston: The Law Review

Boston: She was the star of “The World’s Most Beautiful Woman,’’ but she wasn’t purely beautiful. Her carnality was a good test of how soon a man could turn into a dog. In 1959, not far from the apex of her international fame, La Lolla, as she was also called, appeared in Jules Dassin’s “The Law,’’ which gathered a bunch of international stars and let them drive each other crazy in an Adriatic fishing village.


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Parasite Ending Explained

A dynamic film about cunning swindlers, vices and social inequality. Plot Spouses and two children live in a semi-basement in appalling conditions. They have no furniture, things are scattered everywhere, cockroaches run around. Ki Woo, played by Choi Woo Shik, and Ki Jung (Park So Dam) catch free internet. The family collects pizza boxes to …

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After.Life Ending Explained

Life Beyond tells the story of a schoolteacher who wakes up on a table in a funeral home, but is she really dead? Plot Anna Taylor, played by Christina Ricci, is in a relationship with boyfriend Paul, works. True, the girl does not consider herself happy, most of the time she is depressed and annoyed. …

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