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'Green Lantern' finally revealed

The latest cover from Entertainment Weekly gives fans their first picture of what they've all been waiting to see: the Green Lantern's suit.

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barboza3958d ago

The suit isn't a practical? That sounds like an insane decision to make. Maybe I'm out of the loop here but that sounds like an insane amount of work.

The new suit does look pretty cool though.

darklordzor3958d ago

Yeah it's a ridiculous amount of work and the only thing I can think of is the Clone Troopers in Revenge of the Sith (when they used just the actor's head and digitally replaced the body). It just didn't look right and the motion tracking was off. It wasn't terrible but it was distractingly noticeable. I mean if ILM couldn't really get it right, that doesn't bode well for other....but it has been a few years so hopefully they'll get it down.

CMDobson3958d ago

Yeah I agree. The idea makes me squeamish when I think how much extra work that's going to be on the suit..just to make it not look fake even. Who could work though.

josephgomez3958d ago

Eh, I still think the main problem is the casting of Ryan Reynolds.

darklordzor3958d ago

You know I kind of agree. While I really like Reynolds and think he'll do a good job, I don't think he was right for this part. I really think his personality is better suited for the Flash character instead.

HumanStark3958d ago

Ehhhhhhhhhhhhhhh not feeling the weird musculature-suit. Could use some of the black and white that makes the GL outfit so eyecatching on the page.

Kingdom Come3958d ago

Looking cool, but could be better...