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DVD Clinic Review: Greenberg

DVD Clinic:

I’ve watched some atrociously painful crap but this flick wins this year’s “J.A. Hamilton Shitstorm award” for most pathetic waste of two hours. There’s nothing either endearing or compelling about this story, its characters or its tremendous lack of direction. Avoid it like a circumcision at twenty five performed with a spoon.


SPINE Movie Adaptation in the Works

Nekki has announced that the forthcoming gun fu game, SPINE, will receive a movie adaptation to expand the franchise.


Simu Liu Promises the Shang-Chi Sequel Is Still Happening

Despite the lack of updates from Marvel Studios and Disney, Shang-Chi star Simu Liu says the sequel to the successful 2021 movie is still happening.


Why Did People Hate the Batman: The Killing Joke Movie?

Based on the wildly popular 1988 comic book one-shot by Alan Moore and Brian Bolland, the anticipation soared for Batman: The Killing Joke movie. But why didn't it deliver in the end?

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