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On Screen Review: A Nightmare On Elm Street Remake

Wes Craven's classic tale of the boogeyman returns to terrify audiences in whole new way. Freddy Krueger (Jackie Earle Haley) is terrorizing the unconscious minds of a group youths who all share a dark secret.

Resurrected by Platinum Dunes and directed by Samuel Bayer, this epic remake delivers tons of screams and pays homage to the 1984 classic that started it all.

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BTS' V and Actor Yoo Seung-ho to Showcase Their Gaming Skills | Leisurebyte

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The Garfield Movie Resumes Production Chris Pratt Reveals

The upcoming Garfield Movie resumes production Chris Pratt reveals in a behind-the-scenes Instagram post this week.


8 Shonen Animes With Female Main Characters | Leisurebyte

Check out the curated list of Shonen Animes With Female Main Characters that everyone should know!

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