Who should be the new Hulk?

Julian Stark of wrote: "Thinking about this casting choice is a bit strange, considering that the other principle actors are being brought back for The Avengers. Even so, Marvel is expected to make the announcement of who will play Bruce Banner/the Hulk at this year’s Comic-Con. We at Player Affinity thought that we should throw our own two cents in about it. So here is our potential short list for Bruce Banner."

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Assumedkilla4456d ago

Bringing Bana back or going with Guy Pearce are my two favorites. I'm tired of hearing about Copley, District 9 was overrated and I doubt he can stand against Downey's or even Evans' screen presence.

GodsHand4455d ago

Bana, or the guy from Watchmen Mr. Manhattan.

Dementious4456d ago

Lets get some better CGI than the previous one. Avatar Status

HumanStark4455d ago

It doesn't matter. Its gonna be some dude on screen for about five minutes and then a doughy CGI monster smashing things while the stars of movies that made money beat him up.

4455d ago