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Could this be the most highly anticipated movie this decade?

With filming for Transformers 3 now finally in full swing, its slowly becoming one of the most anticipated movies of 2011, but could it become the most highly anticipated movie this decade?

This article explores the reasons why it could become the highest grossing Transformers movie yet.

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darklordzor4457d ago

Are you kidding me? So no one was anticipating Avatar, or Inception more than a sequel to a movie that sucked critically. Not to mention in 2011 We've got Green Lantern, the final Harry Potter, Captain America, and Thor. I think of all of those Transformers 3 is actually pretty low on the list of what fans are highly anticipating.

And this decade just started, broad claims like that are crazy, especially with Batman 3 and a new Superman still on the horizon.

RememberThe3574455d ago

But I think for next year Transformers will be the most anticipated of the year. Not mine personally but by the general masses. I'm actually looking forward to all the movies you mentioned including Transformers 3.

4456d ago