Top 10: Greatest movies of all-time

Once in a while a movie gets released which changes the industry as we know it. Such so, the majority of these movies path the way for better movies in the future.

Following is a countdown of the 10 greatest movies of all-time, taking into account their critical, commercial and revolutionary success.

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3326d ago
polarbear3326d ago

Wow, that's a really bad list

RememberThe3573326d ago (Edited 3326d ago )

Not my list but all of those movies are great movies. People get so damn picky about movies, I really don't get it. They are made for your enjoyment, so sit back and and enjoy yourself.

HelghastGeneral3326d ago

There is a lot missing from this list like indiana jones raiders of lost ark or temple of doom, Aliens, Blade runner, ghostbusters, Pirates of the Caribbean, what about foreign movies like Oldboy, The road warrior, kung fu hustle, SPL, the professional. I can say a lot more but then it may turn into just my favorites.