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Rumor Control: Marvel wants Joaquin Phoenix for Hulk?

Rumors have been running rampant about who would fill in the big green shoes of the Hulk. An 'insider' now claims the role has been offered to another and that a final decision should be announced at Comic-Con

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barboza4373d ago

I wouldn't be too sure he's a good fit but I would not have thought Edward Norton would have done as good as he did either. It's a shame Norton won't be back.

josephgomez4373d ago

Joaquin could pull of the craziness. I am intrigued by the idea.

darklordzor4373d ago

I liked Norton because he was funny, and he's not what you would expect for the Hulk. The basis of that character is being more than what he seems, and since Norton is a skinny, awkward little guy, he fit perfectly (that and he's a great actor).

Phoenix might be a little too crazy for the role. Either way the flow Marvel was going for is now thrown off.

Cambonez4373d ago

I think any Hulk casting is going to be problematic because they have yet to capture the ACTOR's performance as the CGI Hulk very well. I'm up for Phoenix as long as the CGI improves.

jarodwarren4373d ago

I guess his rapping career didn't take off the way he thought it would. Back to acting as a fallback.

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