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TheMoviePool Review: Why Predators Is The Sequel We've Been Waiting For reviews Robert Rodriguez 'Predators' and tells you why it's the true sequel to the original and deserves to be butted up against it in your Blue-Ray collection this fall.

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mediafrenzii4419d ago

This thing seems to be getting split reviews but I thought it was great. Adrian Brody really beefed up for the role and mentally and physically.

darklordzor4419d ago

See I didn't think the second Predators movie (ith Danny Glover) was that bad, but everyone seems to not like it.

josephgomez4419d ago

Honestly, I'm unaffected by this series.

darklordzor4419d ago

Did you get burned out or never liked it from the start?

OnScreen4419d ago

Haven't seen the film yet but I'm pretty sure it's going to be awesome! There wasn't anything wrong with the first two films, it's the AVP franchise that ruined everything.

darklordzor4419d ago

Correct! The first two films were great, but AvP totally changed all of that. They made the Predators less fearful and more like action heroes. Not a good switch.

mediafrenzii4419d ago

I always liked Predator 2 but Danny Glover really couldn't have been the best choice to replace Arnold. I'm sure it came off of the success of the Lethal Weapon franchise but looking back do you really think Danny Glover could have killed the Predator in hand to hand combat?