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'Transformers 3' set pics show Optimus' trailer

Pictures snapped from the Chicago set of Transformers 3 shows fans what they've been waiting two films for. Optimus Prime finally has his trailer.

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mediafrenzii4378d ago

I enjoyed both of the last Transformer films and am looking forward to this one.

darklordzor4378d ago

Really? I really loved the first film, and thought the visuals and action in the Second were superb...but I couldn't get past the ridiculous story. Now with Fox gone and Optimus Prime having his trailer this might very well be an awesome film. My geeky excitement level is rising!

Smokeyy904378d ago

I am with Dark. First film was actually very good, but the story in Revenge of the Fallen was just dumb. Hopefully this latest Transformers film will redeem them of Revenge of the Fallen.

josephgomez4378d ago

Um... no. The first film was enjoyable on a dumb-no-need-to-think level. The second was offensive in its badness. I await this film with trepidation and fear only equivalent to the end of the Mayan calendar, which is to say I really don't care at all.

CMDobson4377d ago

I kindof agree, and am looking forward to seeing it with Fox being gone. That HAS to be a good thing for the film. It just has to be.

GodsHand4377d ago

Optimus has a refeer trialer? I always remember him having just a plain dry box trailer.

I can agree I did not find the 2nd film all that great, 1st one was enjoyable, I am on the fence about paying to go see the third one in a theater.

SlaughterMeister4377d ago

That's exactly what I was going to say.

"A reefer van? Does Optimus haul lettuce, or what?"

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