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New 'Harry Potter' behind the scenes feature shows epic battles

A new featurette presented on ABC as part of their 'Harry Potter' week highlights the darker story of new films. Showing new clips from the film, it also demonstrates just how large the battles will be.

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CMDobson4982d ago

Interesting behind the scene story. I can't wait for the movie!

Cambonez4982d ago

This movie looks so good. Haven't read the books so I'm in for hopefully a bunch of surprises.

darklordzor4982d ago

Oh man, the books were really amazing too. Reading those was a treat. I started the series after the last book was already out, and I finished all seven books in a week...they were that good.

darklordzor4982d ago

I can't wait. Those battle scenes look awesome even without the effects.

josephgomez4982d ago

If the movie is half as epic as the trailers have made it look, James Cameron and Peter Jackson outta be crapping their pants.

darklordzor4982d ago

I sure hope so. I really hope it's as good as it looks. It just sucks that we'll have to wait 6-7 months before we can finish what the first movie started.

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