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First behind the scenes video from 'Green Lantern' hits the net

Filming on the set of 'Green Lantern' has been fairly tight, with only a handful of leaked images for the fans to absorb. A local news station has gotten the first access onto them set and brings back the first behind the scenes footage.

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darklordzor4891d ago

I wish it would have shown more, especially would have loved to see something with Ryan Reynolds, but still it's better than the drought we've been given of images from the set.

josephgomez4890d ago

Seth Rogan = Me at the theater.

darklordzor4890d ago

I think you're thinking of the Green Hornet. Ryan Reynolds is the dude for this one. He's the main reason I'm interested in the film, but personally I think his personality is more suited for the Flash.

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barboza4889d ago

I really like that they threw the look back to something a little older. It seems like a good choice since we've been through superhero overload lately.


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