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Worst Movie Characters of All Time

Surprise, surprise, Edward Cullen is on the list.

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polarbear4895d ago

I don't know what they're talking about, I loved Arnold's puntastic performance as Mr. Freeze


Extended Darth Maul Vs Qui Gon Jinn Fight: A Glimpse Into a Deleted Scene from The Phantom Menace

Uncover the "Extended Darth Maul Vs Qui Gon Jinn Fight Deleted Scene" from The Phantom Menace, adding depth and intensity to the iconic duel while explaining Qui Gon's exhaustion.

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The Deleted Scene from Star Wars: Phantom Menace - Qui Gon Gambles for Anakin's Freedom

Discover an alternate version of the iconic gambling scene in Star Wars: Phantom Menace. This deleted scene shows Master Qui Gon Jinn gambling for the freedom of both Anakin and his mother. Learn how this scene adds a new layer to Qui Gon's character and emphasizes the importance of the podrace for Anakin's future.

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Amazon Slashes Up To 53% Off Twilight Forever Complete Saga & Back to the Future Ultimate Trilogy

Daily Video Game writes: "If you're a fan of Twilight and Back to the Future, we have good news for you! Twilight Forever: The Complete Saga and Back to the Future: The Ultimate Trilogy Blu-ray sets are on sale with up to 53% off right now!"

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